Getting a grip on Forging

Automating processes in extreme environmental conditions requires the type of know-how that can only be gained by experience.

With a base of thousands of installed robots, ABB is a global leader in turnkey robot-based forging automation.

Extreme heat, pollution and noise turn forges into one of the toughest workplaces imaginable and an ideal environment for robot-based automation. By combining the powerful IRC5 controller with ABB’s rugged robots and tailor-made robot gripper solutions, almost the entire forging process can be automated. With the help of robot-based automation, the productivity of forging presses, press brakes or rolling forges can be optimized by increasing their availability as well as their efficiency.

Heat isolated gripping tools made of special materials can cope with extreme conditions °C and handle parts weighing well over 300 kg. Most robot grippers are custom made solutions designed to meet the individual requirements of specific processes. Depending on the application, they can be operated either pneumatically, electrically or hydraulically. All grippers guarantee repeatable part insertion and consistent processes resulting in constant part temperatures and defined metal structures.


Main Applications

  • Induction and gas furnace
    • Loading, Unloading

  • Forging Press / Trim Press
    • Loading, Unloading

  • Forging Roller forging
    • Loading, Unloading
  • Die Spraying
    • Loading, Unloading




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