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ABB Sequencing System

Flexible sequencing for greater process efficiency at high speeds.

The ABB sequencing system is a high speed flexible solution. Unit loads are buffered and sequenced for palletizing or feeding to pick stations.

The ABB sequencing system can handle a variety of unit loads and helps optimize other automation processes onsite, such as mini-loads or shuttle systems.


  • Improved process efficiency
    The ABB sequencing system moves 300-400 unit loads per hour, enabling reliable performance throughout daily operation and peak periods. The compact footprint makes efficient use of limited warehouse space.
  • Modular design
    The ABB sequencing system is modular, making it easy to integrate into existing processes, and scalable to accommodate future growth.
  • A better working environment
    The ABB sequencing system makes the processes safer and more ergonomic, by handling varying unit loads such as different tote types or carton cases.
  • Customized to your needs
    The ABB sequencing system is fully customizable and can be configured with different robot variants, SKU ranges and pallet requirements.
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