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Improve and expand your business with ABB robots in all areas of food and beverage

For many years ABB Robotics has led the world in the development of purpose designed robots for specific applications and industries. The food and beverages segment is no different. For over 20 years the R&D team at ABB have been designing robots to both suit and exceed the needs of an ever changing and developing industry.

The IRB 360 delta robot; the first and many believe the best of its kind has been successfully used in high speed picking applications both in high and low risk areas for processing, and packing since many years back. The focus on technological advances has seen the traditional IRB 360 FlexPicker become the most reliable delta robot available due to the world leading motion control and state of the art integrated vision incorporated into PickMaster software and probably the best payload and reach combination available. The ever expanding range of packing robots has seen the highly successful launches recently of both the IRB 120 and IRB 1200 series robots, both of which were eagerly anticipated by the market place.

The greater flexibility and functionality of these robots has enabled ABB to keep ahead of its competitors in an area of the industry that always demands more. The ABB ethos of designing what the industry will need, not what it currently needs, is a major contributor to the fact that ABB leads the field in packing solutions. It is an in depth knowledge of the special requirements of this demanding area that enables ABB engineers to define future industry trends and needs so successfully.

Over 20 years of palletizing experience has seen ABB become a dominant force in this competitive end of line application. A large range of robots designed for maximum reach, payload and cycle time requirements has resulted in ABB palletizing robots becoming the solution of choice for many global blue chip companies as well as smaller food processors who want to keep ahead of their competition by utilising the most cost efficient, versatile and reliable products available.

All of these core robots are complemented by a range of software products, end of arm tooling and function packages. These enhancements to the base robots enables a flexibility of choice to suit all requirements never before seen in the robotic automation market place. Recent years have seen ABB Robotics benefit all areas of the food processing segment. Whether your business is in meat, bakery, fish, fruit and vegetables, sugars, oils, dairy or any of the beverage industries or any other food area, and if your automation need is in processing, picking, packing or palletizing, ABB is now and always will be, the robotic supplier to engage with. Designed to adhere to and surpass all hygiene and safety standards, see your business improve and expand with the implementation of ABB robots.
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