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Robot-based automation for the Plastics Industry from ABB

Easy-to-use, 6-axis robots are more accessible than ever to plastics molders.

With their built-in flexibility, these machines are the perfect complement to - or replacement for - traditional 3-axis gantry automation.

Conventional fixed automation is time-consuming and costly, opening up fresh possibilities for ABB’s broad range of 6-axis robots. Catering to every conceivable need, these machines perform a variety of tasks during the production cycle which means you can look forward to a far more flexible and cost-efficient operation.

ABB’s plastics experience ranges from simple one-robot installations utilizing traditional plastic resin to entire complex automation systems for the biggest factories utilizing advanced composites. Everything from the automotive and packaging industries to medical devices and electronics can be well-served by a flexible 6-axis robotic automation system. With a wide range of robotics and automation offerings, you can depend on ABB Robotics’ expertise and experience to find the right solution for your needs.


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