Helping prepare the workforce of tomorrow

The future of work is changing. Automated technologies such as robots are already becoming an everyday part of the working world as companies look for ways to boost the performance. ABB is helping to bridge the skills gap with new Robotics & Automation training facilities, partnerships and training packages.

ABB robotics in Education


ABB’s extensive experience and portfolio of robotic solutions assist educational institutions with the products support and training needed to incorporate robots into learning programs. 

We work with schools, colleges, and universities in more than 40 countries to ensure students learn the fundamental basic of robot programming and operation.

We have built partnerships with educators around the world to provide the equipment and support needed to teach robotics and automation skills. These partnerships are enabling institutions to engage in the research and development of automated solutions for deployment in real applications, while enhancing employment opportunities for students.

Explore how ABB is helping to prepare the workforce of tomorrow.

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