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PickMaster - łatwe pakowanie

Tightly integrated with the IRC5 or S4Cplus robot control system, PickMaster is the best tool for guiding robots in the packaging process. The PC based software product uses comprehensive graphical interfaces to configure powerful applications where up to eight robots may work in a team along conveying belts.

With many proven process functions packaged in a standard software product, PickMaster efficiently minimize the risks in complex production solutions.The powerful vision identification and inspection tools combined with a high performance conveyor tracking process makes true flexible production a success.

There are two PickMaster products to choose from:
PickMaster 3 and PickMaster 5.
Both use the same graphical design concept and software structure so that users can easily understand both products.

PickMaster 3
PickMaster 3 includes advanced vision technique and tightly integrated conveyor tracking capability. The integrated vision system is advanced, however PickMaster 3 is also open to communicate with any external sensor. (line scanners, color vision, 3D, etc.).

PickMaster 3 has over six years of experience of reducing programming time and delivering highly reliable High Speed Picking applications.

PickMaster 5
PickMaster 5 is the software for palletizing applications, succeeding the well known ABB FlexPalletizer ® system. More than ten years of palletizing experience is carried over into the new palletizing software, combining experience with modern highly flexible software.

PickMaster 5 contains all the features necessary to create a robust palletizing application and offers flexibility in generous measure. No robot programming
is required, even if the software is open and accessible for the highest flexibility. The design of the software allows late changes in the application, without causing re-programming.

The FlexPicker system
The FlexPicker system comprises the IRB 340 robot with its controller, dedicated picking software and a vision system.
The main advantages of the system are:

  • Single interface for the complete system - fast and easy to use
  • Modular concept - freedom in line design
  • Off-line configuration - high flexibility
  • Easy to program - quick production start up
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