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Robot Application Builder

Create Customized Operator Interfaces!

Easy to use
Most will agree that a customized solution is usually superior to a standard solution. This is very true when it comes to operator interfaces on the factory floor. A key advantage of a customized user interface is that the system becomes easier to use. Downtime due to operator mistakes is minimized, and so is the need for training. Robot Application Builder enables robot users to realize the benefits of customized operator interfaces.

Truly efficient

Normally robots are delivered with a general user interface, designed with the same set of screens and buttons, independent of the task to solve. However, different processes require different operator interfaces to be truly efficient. A well-designed operator interface presents the appropriate information and functionality at the right time. This is a lot easier to achieve with customized applications, which can be developed close to the end-users and become very well adapted to their specific needs. Thus saving time and minimizing the risk for costly errors.

Software Development Kit
Robot Application Builder (RAB) is a Software Development Kit (SDK), which you install on a PC. You also need Microsoft’s development environment VisualStudio 2005 or 2008. A RAB application can be developed for either the FlexPendant or a PC. To achieve this RAB includes the following two components: FlexPendant SDK and PC SDK . Robot Application Builder is free of charge and requires no license or registration.

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