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Dane techniczne - Robot Application Builder

Software Development Kit

Robot Application Builder is a stand alone tool installed on a PC running the operating systems Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP and offers you the option to create custom operator interfaces for either the ABB FlexPendant or a PC platform. To accommodate this, the software package includes the following 2 components:

  • FlexPendant SDK for the IRC5 FlexPendant
  • PC SDK for PC screens.

Custom operator interfaces created in Robot Application Builder will readily load into the
controller and appear on the FlexPendant touch screen or a PC screen as active buttons, fields, and text boxes…, whatever is required for safe and efficient operator control.

Based on FlexPendant Graphical User Interface
The IRC5 FlexPendant is the world’s most flexible programming unit based on the unique use of a graphical touch screen. The general view of the FlexPendant is supported by the latest technology from Microsoft, the Windows® CE operating system with its Windows style of colorful symbols and operator interface. The same set of controls are available in Robot Application Builder (FlexPendant-SDK module), letting users freely compose any screen and panel to fit their specific needs.

Development Environment
Microsoft® VisualStudio .NET is an important and great improvement of the popular software development system Visual Studio, a product used by millions of programmers all over the world. Robot Application Builder makes use of Visual Studio .NET to create any operator interface for the control and super vision of a robot using the FlexPendant or a PC.

The development tool can be used by programmers familiar with the popular programming language Visual Basic.NET or by those who prefer working with C# (C-sharp).

Robot Command through a common interface
The controller API (Application Program Interface) is the link between the commands and the controls appearing on the screens of the FlexPendant or PC screen, and the internal functions of the robot, which are to be controlled. This API includes a great number of useful commands spanning from read/write of any data to the control of the input/output interface or robot’s operating mode. As a result you will increase productivity and reduce the maintenance costs of your applications.

Integrated On-Line Help
The Robot Application Builder includes an extensive on-line help module which explains all of the facilities and functions available. It also includes several examples and templates helping the user to get started and to understand the power and flexibility of this new and unique tool.

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