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WebWare Server

Increase the uptime of your robot system!

WebWare is a software product that allows you to be in control of your production data. Once your ABB robots are attached to your network, WebWare allows you to safe-guard and optimize your investment in robotics!

Safe-Guard Your Robot Data
Would you run a business without safe-guarding mission-critical data? Not intentionally you say, yet it is quite commonplace. Many companies have weak or nonexistent solutions for routine robot backup while having full backup of their office data, such as Word or Excel documents. Disruptions from power failures, equipment repairs, and unauthorized program changes problems can wreak havoc on productivity. WebWare offers the possibility to safe-guard your data by scheduling automatic backup and permanent archiving of robot programs, configuration files, and other production files from the robot. Think of WebWare as an insurance policy to minimize downtime.

Increase Your Uptime
When it comes to improving uptime, the first thing you need is actionable information. In today’s information society, you have access to an enormous amount of data, but data is not what helps companies be more competitive in the market. The key to succeeding in today’s business environment is having “actionable information”.
WebWare empowers you to make informed decisions by supplying a wide variety of actionable information that answer:
  • What is the uptime of my robots?
  • What are the most common problem areas?
  • What are my cycle times?
  • How can I monitor quality metrics?
  • How can I monitor preventative maintenance needs?

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