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Technical data - WebWare Server

WebWare offers an efficient manufacturing support system designed to facilitate a wide range of production management tasks. This comprehensive software solution is 100% web based to enable local and remote access to plant wide production information using a standard Internet browser.

WebWare manages communication with connected robot controllers. The backbone enabling technology allows WebWare to scale in size, from large plants with more than 1000 robots down to cells with less than ten robots.

WebWare is built on a modular framework based on proven technologies. The modules allow you to get the functionality you need. And if needs change, just add the appropriate module. The following modules are currently available:
  • Backup Module. The Backup Module for WebWare includes all that you need to safe-guard your robot data.
  • Report Module. The Report Module for WebWare provides a ready-made solution for automating the collection and reporting of production statistics.

Automatic Backup
WebWare’s Backup module offers the unique ability to perform unattended backups of the robot systems without the need to interrupt production. The flexible backup scheduler allows you to group robots and run backups for each group independently from each other. Backups can be performed daily, weekly or monthly in any combination. With ready access to backup archives, WebWare’s Backup Module enables quick recovery of robot programs, configuration files, and other files to the robot.
Version Control
The Backup module includes built-in support for Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe for version control and tracking change history. There have been many occasions when programmers have been required to re-write certain sections or portions of a program that had been deleted or over- written. With Visual SourceSafe installed, you can select different versions of a robot program (or other file) and see what has been modified. All past versions are readily available to identify and use any portion of work that has been previously saved.
Production Monitoring
WebWare’s Report module provides a ready-made solution for reporting of production statistics. Generic timers and counters give you the flexibility to measure an endless variety of useful production metrics. For example, counters can be used to quantify production output, track downtime incidents, and monitor the frequency of various errors. Timers can be used to keep a running history of cycle time variations, lost production time or utilization rates. Data such as this is invaluable for increasing the uptime of your robot system.
The purpose of making regular backups is to ensure that you can restore production in response to planned or unplanned events. With ready access to backup archives, the Backup module enables quick recovery of robot programs, configuration files, and other files to the robot.

File Management
In addition to advanced backup and restore capabilities, WebWare’s Backup module provides online browsing of the robot file system. This is useful for direct file transfers, either to or from the robot, to support offline programming or program maintenance. Doing this from your desktop is far more convenient than having to go out to the robot.
Customized Data Collection
More or less any information accessible in the robot controller can be made available in Web- Ware. WebWare’s Report Module includes the concept of Custom Databases. Custom Databases allows you to design your own databases in order to fully support all your needs for automatic data acquisition. For example, collection of arc-welding process data allows you to create “birth certificates” for the purpose of part traceability.

Remote Service Information
For troubleshooting and maintenance the Report module offers remote access to service information. You can browse the current state of the robot controller, check versions of robot software that are installed and running, monitor I/O, and review the event log history. In addition, for robots that support the ABB Service Information System, you can access current information regarding the need for scheduled maintenance and see a list of all robots that currently require maintenance.

User Authorization
WebWare allows you to restrict the access to different functions to different users. This powerful feature helps in two major areas. First, it protects sensitive information and secondly, it makes life easy for the users. The data and information is filtered so workers are presented with only the information they need to get their job done.

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