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Tutoriale RobotStudio

Transfer function in RobotStudio

The Transfer function in RobotStudio allows easy transfer of offline-created RAPID programs to the real robot on the shop floor. You can transfer data from a virtual controller to a real controller, or to another virtual controller. Before doing the transfer, you can compare the data present in the virtual controller with that present in the real controller, or compare the data currently present in the real controller, with the possible result of the transfer. You can browse through the differences and decide which ones to keep. Accordingly you can include or exclude the corresponding items from the transfer, using the check boxes in the Transfer Configuration section.
The Transfer function gives you full control of the installation of RAPID programs on the real controller. Install your RAPID programs safely using the Transfer function.

Debugging RAPID Code in RobotStudio:

ABB's RobotStudio provides many tools and features which help in quick and easy debugging of RAPID code. These include the RAPID Watch window, the Program Pointer feature, the Test and Debug group of commands, adding breakpoints, and many more. The debugging features of RobotStudio provide efficient and effective ways of identifying, analyzing and resolving potential issues with your robot program. In short, RobotStudio helps you get the production going.

RAPID Editor in RobotStudio

The RAPID Editor knows all about the RAPID programming language. The RAPID editor enables you to view and edit programs loaded into a controller, both real and virtual. The integrated RAPID editor is useful for editing all robot tasks other than robot motion. With the RAPID editor you can edit the RAPID code of the program modules and system modules. Each module you open appears in an editor window of its own, where you can add or edit RAPID code. Here are a few of its latest features:
- Instantaneous syntax and semantics checks. The checks are run continuously in the background and provide instant feedback while coding.
- Pick lists with predefined instructions and arguments appear while coding
- Saving code snippets for easy re-usability of common code constructs.
- RAPID Data Editor for viewing and editing all the RAPID data values in a particular RAPID module. You can also view IO signals.
... and many more.