Flexley Mover

Excellent maneuverability, thanks to its compact design and omnidirectional and turn on spot technology. Our Flexley Mover AMRs are equipped with the latest navigation systems and technologies, enabling greater agility and efficiency in your intralogistics good movements.


Key features

Freedom of movement

Saves space and time with its ability to move in all directions

Task Versatility

Multi-origin and multi-destination applications offering flexible layouts

360° protection

Collaborative safety environment, free of physical barriers

Smart connectivity

Real-time information to facilitate data analysis and decision-making


Flexley Mover AMRs


Why Flexley Mover

This innovative range of robots is designed to meet your business needs in operational flexibility, responsiveness, peak demands, productivity, and safety, and the delivering of racks, pallets, carriers, boxes, or hanging garments in confined spaces and narrow aisles.

With smart navigation technology, combined with software intelligence, this ABB AMR range can perform multi-origin and multi-destination operations to meet the high demand of your logistics processes.




Our Flexley Mover range can transport racks with all kinds of product combinations, containers of different sizes, and pallets of all types - from Euro pallets to American pallets and pallets with special dimensions.





* These AMR models will be available as ABB branded products in 2023


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