VirtualArc® is a unique process software tool for MIG/MAG simulation that offers a user-friendly graphical interface, for predicting and tuning welding parameters in an off-line environment.

VirtualArc is a tool that combines Arc Physics, a 2D wire-arc-work piece simulation tool, experimental measurement, practical experience and a neural network for creating both, the arc modelling and the weld profile modelling.

Predictions from arc simulations, heat and mass transfer to the work piece, are used as input to the neural network to predict weld quality and profile as well as weld defects.
The VirtualArc technology is patented by ABB and there is nothing comparable to its powerful features.

VirtualArc can be used for:

  • Processing planning
  • Minimising start-up time
  • Off-line tuning of MIG/MAG welding parameters
  • Off-line prediction of weld shape & penetration
  • Off-line prediction of geometric weld quality
  • Off-line prediction of geometric welding defects
  • Financial studies of the cost of the predicted weld in EUR/meter
  • Documentation for your weld process
  • Optimising welding productivity and welding quality of your process

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