Robot compliance in one Cartesian direction.

Efficient interaction between robot and machine SoftMove is a software option that allows the robot to be compliant or floating in order to adjust to external forces or variations in work objects.

This can be used in a typical machine tending application where the machine, e.g. an injection moulding machine or die casting machine, ejects a part. With SoftMove, the robot is compliant in one direction only, which facilitates high accuracy and reliability. The option reduces robot programming time and enables efficient interaction between robot and machine, which reduces cycle time.


    • Compliance in only one direction



    • Lowers the stiffness of the robot in a specified Cartesian direction while mainly maintaining the original behavior in other directions
    • Robot can be “free floating” in a specified direction
    • Robot can have a spring function in a specified direction
    • Stiffness and damping parameters controlling the compliance
    • Gravity compensation - The stiffness can also be lowered in a vertical direction



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