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Integrated Force Control

ABB’s Integrated Force Control uses real-time tactile sensor feedback to handle process variations with the sensitivity of the human hand while shortening programming time by as much as 70 percent.

ABB Integrated Force Control automates complex tasks which once required skilled personnel and advanced fixed automation. The robot is equipped with tactile sensors which save installation costs, shortens programming time, reduces process cycle time and improves quality.

The adaptive functionality of Integrated Force Control can be used in many applications, including assembly, product testing and machining. Small variations in the manufacturing phase can mean the difference between success and failure. To help deal with these issues, ABB Integrated Force Control technology makes robots more intelligent and able to handle variations in the process with real-time external inputs—much like a human would when handling a delicate item of precise dimensions.

The technology includes powerful functionality that allows the robot to maintain a constant force between itself and the objects it is working with, which is invaluable in both machining and testing applications. The technology also can be used to adapt the robot’s speed upon input from the force sensor. This allows it to follow edges and other contours efficiently, such as in deburring of complex shapes. The tactile functionality of Integrated Force Control can also be used in assembly to search for correct positions using advanced search patterns.

Conventional robotic solutions are controlled by predefined paths and speeds. However, with ABB Integrated Force Control, the robot reacts to its surrounding and can deviate from its programmed path or speed based on feedback from the force sensor. The adapted movement of the robot is determined by constraints that are specified to suit the particular application.
Software features
  • Advanced software for force control technology
  • Force Control RAPID instructions for machining, assembly, testing etc.
  • Sensor calibration, load identification, gravity compensation
  • Recovery functions
  • Setting Force Control conditions and reference values.
  • Supervision
  • Process feedback from force sensor
Force sensors
  • ABB Integrated Force Control sensors contains all the required hardware to run force control functionality. The package include force sensor, adapter plate, measurement board and cables.
  • ABB supports also ATI Force/Torque sensors – models Delta, Theta and Omega
  • Support of other 6 degree of freedom force torque sensor on request

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