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CoreTec™ 4 – Transformer Condition Monitor

CoreTec™ 4 enables real-time management of a transformer by monitoring key health parameters such as oil temperature, ambient temperature and load. Using live data and transformer models based on IEC and IEEE standards, CoreTec™ 4 warns the operator of any changes in a transformer’s condition.

Avoid unplanned outages by continuously measuring oil temperature, load and gas formation. Variations in these key health indicators are flagged by CoreTec™ 4 in real time and can trigger advanced investigations when needed, not when scheduled.

Oil and Paper aging is linked to temperature, moisture and oxygen variations. CoreTec™ 4 tracks these parameters and activates the coolers sooner than conventional systems to delay insulation aging. It can detect issues such as tank leaks and recommend appropriate maintenance activities.

Make informed decisions on overloading your transformer. CoreTec™ 4 tracks current environmental conditions and uses international standards to provide an overview of the short-term overload capacity. This allows the operator to consider transformer aging versus increased throughput and revenues.

CoreTec™ 4 can help operators with a sick transformer by enabling them to run it below recommended critical limits for temperature and gas generation. This helps to delay replacement and improve future maintenance planning.

 Product scope

  • Measure top oil temperature, ambient temperature, current, and other parameters (depending on available sensors)
  • Model winding hot-spot temperatures, load ratios, insulation aging, loss of life and transformer overload capacity
  • Control 2 cooling banks with user configurable thresholds

Why ABB ?

  • When you choose a monitoring solution from ABB you are benefiting from over 100 years of experience in transformers
  • ABB is a pioneer in transformer monitoring, having introduced the first TEC system in 2001; the CoreTec 4 is the culmination of this legacy
  • ABB has you covered in over 100 countries worldwide

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