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On-load tap changers type VUCL

The VUC types of on-load tap changers come in a range of models with ratings suitable for most applications. They are mounted inside of the transformer tank, suspended from the transformer cover. The VUC types operate with arc quenching in vacuum interrupters.

The VUC types complete the UC family of tap changers, with their excellent service record since the 1960’s.

The VUCL is the largest of the VUC types and is suitable for transformers up to 2300 MVA with a BIL rating of 1175 kV and current rating of 1300 A, when placed in the neutral point of the winding.

Product scope

  • Base technology: Vacuum, resistance, in-tank, diverter switch
  • Common applications: Network, special, industrial, HVDC

Tap-changer placed in the neutral point of the winding

Other placements of the tap-changer

Highest voltage for equipment (Um)

362 kV

362 kV

Max lightning impulse (BIL)

1175 kV

1175 kV

Max current
1-phase (one tap-changer/phase)

1300 A
2400 A

2400 A

Enforced current splitting
1-phase (one tap-changer/phase)

2600 A

2600 A

Max step voltage

6000 V

6000 V

Why ABB?
  • Plug-and-play interchangeability with traditional type UCL only requires diverter switch replacement.
  • Unique design with redundant switching capacity in the auxiliary contact system.
  • Maintenance in any tap position and without dismantling the shaft system, thus eliminating the risk for failure from improper assembly or alignment.
  • Possible to use alternative insulating fluids.

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