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Vacuum equipment and oil treatment plants

Equipment for heating, dewatering, degassing and purifying transformer oil


When the oil is heated and enters the tank in a high degree of vacuum, the water in the oil tends to vaporize and is carried away by the vacuum pump. When the oil flows into the filter, the impurities in oil cannot pass through it due to the extremely fine mesh of the filter core. In this way, the treated oil is improved with regard to moisture content, gas content, granularity and similar properties.

System characteristics

  • Degassing/dewatering system - unique degassing and dewatering structure makes the insulation oil fully exposed to achieve the optimal dehydration and degasification effect
  • Filtration system - specially designed ABB filter cartridge filters the particles and is 100 times more efficient than a conventional filter
  • Heating system - minimum surface heating efficiency (less than 1.5 W/cm2) and indirect radiation heating technology ensure the insulation oil will not decompose (increase dielectric losses) by partial overheating
  • Operating system - using instruments, meters and PLC auto-control, the operating system can be easily controlled from an intuitive touchscreen

Why ABB?

  • Strong brand with a rich history of oil treatment plant design and production since 1921
  • Customized solutions for different technical requirements
  • Global supplier and service network
  • Worldwide sales footprint with highly reliable products

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