Chemical processing stages

Chemical processing stages

Value-added solutions for the receipt, handling, metering, transfer and distribution of powder and bulk solids delivered in sacks, containers, big-bags and trucks.

ABB provides:

  • Storage silos
  • Hoppers and intermediate bulk containers
  • Extraction systems (fluidised beds, vibrating bin dischargers, extraction screws, slide/rotary feeders, diverter valves)
  • Emptying stations (bags, big-bags, etc.)
  • Transport and distribution (pneumatic or mechanical transport)
  • Weighing and metering

  • High dosing accuracy and reliability
  • Reduced product losses
  • Ergonomic workshops
  • Compliance with safety and health regulation (dust control)


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Pigging systems
Skid-mounted units

Pigging systems for the cleaning of pipes and the distribution of liquids

Ball cleaning or pigging systems of pipes to completely empty and clean the transfer lines.

  • Exceptional material recovery: 100% of the product transferred is used
  • Environmental protection: minimised quantity of cleaning liquid and recovery of waste
  • Increased flexibility and availability of pipe lines

Skid-mounted units for additive dosing and preparation for batch or continuous processes

Fully integrated systems to proportion, mix, cook, supply additives at various process stages, incl. heating/cooling recirculation, insulation, delivery pump, measuring and control instruments, control boxes.

  • Pre-tested in workshop
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Avoid costly downtime for existing plant operations
  • Ready for utility hook-up
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