In-line pressure filter for the filtration of slurries and coating colours

The Filtercel™ is a closed in-line filter designed for the filtration of coating colour, diluted starch and pigment slurries as well as high-requirement applications. It combines a high pressure washing ramp and an active cleaning system enabling the automated in-place unclogging of the filtering media and the cleaning of the internal parts.
  • Product flow-rate: up to 260m³/h
  • Mesh size: from 50 to 500 µ

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  • Filtering of raw materials (discharge of slurries from trucks, filtering of pigments after dispersion, etc.)
  • Filtering of fresh coating colour (working station supply)
  • Surfacing, sizing and coating of papers and boards
  • Working stations, coating heads of all types (size press, roll, jet, curtain coaters etc.) 


  • Excellent filtration quality (no pressure drop in the feeding circuit, no paper break on paper machine)
  • High-availability rate up to 99.8% (several weeks of secure, non-stop operation)
  • Quick and easy cleaning: no manual intervention for the cleaning of the filtering media
  • Maintenance reduced to preventive works
  • Optimum drainage of contaminants without loss of product
  • Minimised water consumption and effluent generation
  • Quick payback
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