OPT800 Cook/B | Advanced Process Control for Batch Digesters

OPT800 Cook/B brings Advanced Process Control to batch digesters to ensure optimal cooking conditions for all chips charged to each digester. This leads to decreased variation in pulp quality compared to conventional control methods. It also has a steam leveling function, to effectively minimize variations in total steam demand by adjusting to the actual needs of the digesters. 

OPT800 Cook/B is an advanced process control (APC) solution for controlling, monitoring and reporting on batch digester house operations for overall cooking optimization.  It’s accomplished by maintaining a steady Kappa number and even cooking by using the built-in Kappa control module that works in sync with the H factor control.

This APC solution can be applied to different types of digester houses including direct/indirect steaming, cold blow and displacement cooking methods such as Rapid Displacement Heating (RDH) or SuperBatch, varying cooking sequences, special batch digester house configurations and for both the sulphate and sulfite processes.

The result is consistently high pulp quality coming out of the entire batch digester house, with the lowest raw material and energy inputs.

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  • Production rate control and scheduling
  • Steam leveling
  • Quality control
  • Grade change controls
  • Cook batch scheduler
  • Cook time/temperature optimization
  • KPI dashboard and control usage reports by day/shift
  • Performance monitoring, with both on-site and remote access for customers and ABB
  • Task orientated and user-friendly customizable operator displays


  • Increased capacity (2-7%)
  • Decreased Kappa variations (20-50%)
  • Reduced energy consumption (5-20%)
  • Reduced chemical consumption (2-9%)
  • Decreased steam flow variations (30-70%)
  • Well-managed and easy production, species, and/or grade changes
  • Reduced environmental load
  • Fewer headaches managing the batch digester

How it works

Production rate in the digester house is governed by the amount of steam available and amount of time between cooks. Production Rate Control (PRC) determines the best spacing between cooks while considering the constraints – the number of digesters in service and the maximum amount of steam available – to achieve the desired production rate from the digester house. The control performance will not degrade over time with always-on monitoring and analysis of the APC solution.

OPT800 Cook/B plays an important role in achieving desired production levels; its scheduler feature predicts events in the digester house over the coming three-to-four hour horizon. This assists operators who can use this predictive information to update the schedule and avoid “collisions” due to unexpected delays. 

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