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Know your fibers. Control your process.

Gain a deeper understanding of fiber

For mills looking to get a better understanding of fiber, the ABB Fiber Guide offers a comprehensive dive into the world of fiber morphology. Readers will learn how the raw materials in pulp can impact operations.

From exploring uncommon species and non-wood fibers and their use in production, to the impact of different fibers on products, this book will be your go-to reference guide for fiber origin, use and measurement. 

Notably, with different technology advancements, opportunity to do more with fiber has risen. The second edition of this book explores the use of online measurement in control strategies.

This book gives a general overview, as well as detailed information, about fiber analysis, and possibilities on how to use measurements to improve pulp and paper processes.


A heritage of knowledge sharing
Historically, Lorentzen & Wettre supplied the pulp and paper industry with a number of different products to evaluate the quality of pulp, including wood chips, classifiers, laboratory digesters, and much more. Rooted in their deep expertise and long history supporting pulp testing, L&W produced the first edition of the Fiber Guide in 2006.

L&W was acquired in 2011 by ABB, and we are proud to continue this long heritage of supporting the industry with educational materials with the second edition of the Fiber Guide. The pioneering spirit of L&W is also nurtured with continuous research and development around new measurement approaches, such as ABB’s L&W Freeness and Fiber Online.

The purpose of this book is to support and motivate people working in all areas of the pulp and paper industry, by introducing new methods for paper making. It is specifically written for people working with production of pulp and their developers, customers and suppliers.

Download a complimentary book covering fiber analysis and process applications.

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