L&W Freeness and Fiber Online

Better optimize control and refining with more frequent and reliable measurement.

Mills have limited information from infrequent manual samples to try and optimize refining. 

L&W Freeness and Fiber Online provides accurate and continuous fiber morphology measurements for the wet end. This enables closed loop control and uniform pulp furnish for better runnability on paper, board or tissue machines, helping make more on spec product at less cost.

As a single unit that is both easy to use and maintain, paper makers benefit from the combined and more frequent online measurement of both freeness and fiber properties, giving the full picture of dewatering status and fiber quality in real time to take immediate action. ABB offers exceptional reliability making this one of the lower total cost of ownership options with the highest accuracy and availability.

Measurement according to standards
L&W Freeness and Fiber Online measures Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF) or Schopper-Riegler (SR or MSR), which relates to TAPPI (T-227) and ISO (5267-1 and 5267-2) standards. Fiber properties are measured according to  international standards (ISO 16065-2); it is based on ABB’s well-known L&W Fiber Tester Plus.

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Visualization options offer insight for quick operator action


Dashboards can be used to identify items that require urgent action: 

  • Trends
  • KPI's
  • Operational status
  • Alarms


Mills can also choose to integrate to ABB Ability™ System 800xA with dedicated faceplates, alarm handling and trending of measurements—making immediate action by the operator easier.


  • Automatic online sampling of the process at multiple positions with up to 8 samplers
  • Measures according to ISO and TAPPI standards 
  • Frequent data with 100s of measurements per day enabling operators to correct control actions 
  • Automatic cleaning functions using integrated detergent pumps 
  • Integrated input of manual samples
  • Few moving parts
  • Integration with 800xA 



  • Provides fast and accurate measurement
  • Enables closed loop control for more consistent quality 
  • Helps optimize refining and reduce energy consumption
  • Improves machine runnability with more uniform pulp furnish  
  • Decreases wet end sheet breaks 
  • Enables faster grade changes 
  • Excellent correlation to lab measurement results
  • Low maintenance and operational costs

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