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L&W Fiber Online

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L&W Fiber Online is an image-based system for measuring, monitoring, controlling and analyzing fiber quality. It gives the complete story of the fibers in real time, giving customers an easy way to pinpoint and follow trends on furnish quality, and at the same time helps reducing variations in stock preparation or pulp production, and saving energy.
  • Absolute measurement - no calibration
  • Save production costs by monitoring and controlling fiber properties
  • Monitor fines and fibrils to see when it is time to change refiner plates
  • Fibril index tells the complete story about tensile strength that CSF and SR sometimes oversight
  • Evaluation of new refiner plates by monitoring fibril index
  • Control and optimize mix to paper machine
  • Monitor incoming pulp to paper mill and optimize selection of incoming pulp
  • Proven technology (based on laboratory instrument L&W Fiber Tester Plus)
  • Fast classification of pulp quality
  • Optimization of refining – thanks to macro fibril area and perimeter
  • Internal vacuum system for removal of air bubbles
  • Measurement gap according to international standard
  • Self-opening and cleaning measurement cell
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