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L&W Freeness and Fiber Online

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L&W Freeness and Fiber Online is a reliable online system for measuring, monitoring and controlling freeness and key fiber properties in pulp processing. It helps to create the best possible continuous and uniform pulp furnish for the paper, board or tissue machine.

The combination of measuring freeness and fiber properties gives  the complete story of dewatering status and fiber quality in real time. Enabling customers to easily pinpoint and follow trends on furnish quality and at the same time reducing variations in stock preparation or pulp production. L&W Freeness and Fiber Online measures Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF) or Schopper-Riegler (SR) for full control of the refining process. As well as significant fiber variables in paper stock preparation and pulp production. Measuring fiber properties solves the problem of detecting quality issues caused by fiber variations too late in the production process.

  • Energy savings from refiner optimization
  • Uniform furnish minimizes web breaks
  • Optimize machine speed by optimizing freeness set point
  • Easy to control grade changes
  • Few moving parts and easy to maintain
  • Robust unit that is easy to place close to refiners
  • Monitor fines and fibrils to seen when it is time to change refiner plates
  • Evaluation of new refiners plates with both freeness and fibril index
  • Fibril index tells the complete story about tensile strength that CSF and SR sometimes oversees
  • Optimize use and selection of incoming pulp
  • Control and optimize furnish mix to the paper machine
  • Fast and accurate measurement
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