Full Sheet Formation Analysis for complete measurement of paper uniformity

For fine paper and paperboard manufacturers seeking to optimize printability of their end product, reduce rejects and achieve consistent output quality, ABB Web Imaging System (WIS) with formation analysis provides conclusive, highly visualized measurement of paper uniformity for the full web during manufacturing.

PLEASE NOTE: ABB is ending the active sale of both the Web Imaging System (WIS) and Web Monitoring System (WMS). ABB is fully committed to support the existing systems in line with our full lifecycle policy. If you have questions, please contact us ABB Pulp and Paper

  • Floc distribution or uniformity issues that could impact runnability
  • End product has printability issues

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Web Imaging System measures how fibers and fillers are distributed in the paper sheet to determine uniformity for the full web

Aiming to redefine the standard of measurement accuracy, our patent-pending Full Sheet Formation Analysis feature offers deeper and more precise analysis of formation, helping papermakers better optimize established paper properties to achieve higher quality goals.

Effective complete measurement in real-time avoids downtime

While traditional measurement techniques only look at a small portion of the web and may not reveal the floc sizes or shapes, ABB’s full sheet solution leverages proprietary methods, processing parallelism, and the flexibility of the FPGA (field-programmable gate array) based smart camera platform to reveal and classify paper formation floc sizes and shapes. This greatly improves the ability to determine the uniformity of paper formation, while removing the possibility of misleading results.

The bar graph is a representation of floc size distribution of the lower quality (yellow) and high quality (blue) samples.

  • Formation floc sizes and shares are revealed and misleading results on floc sizes are avoided 
  • Analyzes and categorizes by 16 floc and void sizes
  • Formation Analysis can be combined with dirt count, defect imaging and advanced classification within the full WIS system 
  • Delivers complete measurement of paper uniformity
  • Enables better and faster decisions by providing more complete information
  • Conducts deeper and more precise analysis of formation than traditional methods
  • Prevents misleading results
  • Reduces unscheduled downtime
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