Real-Time Wrinkle Count for linerboard and liquid packaging

Real-Time Wrinkle Count, now available as a feature within the ABB web inspection offering, provides distinct value as the only system that detects, classifies and statistically quantifies wrinkle information in real time - without overloading the data processing system.

Papermakers are interested in the number of wrinkle and the size band they fall into.

PLEASE NOTE: ABB is ending the active sale of both the Web Imaging System (WIS) and Web Monitoring System (WMS). ABB is fully committed to support the existing systems in line with our full lifecycle policy. If you have questions, please contact us ABB Pulp and Paper

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Causes of high wrinkle counts
  • Undesired shrinking
  • Inadequate moisture retention
  • Issues with the drying section
  • Outdated or inefficient headboxes

Easily reveal problems across the entire web in real time

The Real-Time Wrinkle Count feature of ABB Web Imaging System captures up to 1.4 million wrinkle defects per camera without overloading the system and sends alerts when Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are outside of user-defined thresholds. It then aligns defect maps to sample machine or cross direction location. It provides highly consistent results, enables precise laboratory correlation, and ultimately helps ensure end-product quality.

  • Real-time, online wrinkle detection
  • Captures up to 1,400,000 wrinkle defects/s per camera
  • Automated classification based on user-defined data
  • Assigns weighted values to categories and alerts when KPIs are outside their thresholds
  • Counts and classifies detected areas to five size categories
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Helps remediate issues with moisture retention
  • Reveals impact of inefficient headboxes on product quality
  • Reduces the amount of rejects
  • Improves process management


Feature comparison:

The existing wrinkle feature within WIS takes images of low-quantity creases; by comparison, our Real-Time Wrinkle Count detects very slight creases that generally occur at the edge in high quantities and provides the size band they fall into.

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