HPINet Web Imaging System

Accurate web defect detection, imaging, and identification all play crucial roles in automation, quality control, root cause tracing and process improvement. Today’s increased efficiency, quality and runnability demands combined with high web machine speeds requires ever increasing performance in every aspect of the web imaging system. The ABB HPINet Web Imaging System with our state-of-the-art High Speed Cameras (HSC) and signal processing technology offers the industry leading solution for full width web inspection.

Image quality to capture every detail
High-speed web imaging is not simply a question of pixel density and camera speed. It depends on a variety factors ranging from camera specifications and illumination control – namely:
  • Pixel resolution
  • Sensor sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range
  • Quality and adaptability of the illumination
  • Automatic gain control and flat field corr ection
  • Advanced signal processing and detection algorithms
  • Correct imaging geometry and configuration

All of these factors have been impr oved and refined in the new ABB HPINet Web Imaging System and has enabled ABB to make another leap in performance.

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