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Program’s design



Our focus the first week will be on introducing you to your trainee group, ABB and your new home town, Ludvika or Västerås. You will also meet people who hold key positions at the ABB Group as well as the trainee group that started the period preceding yours. During the introduction week, you will receive your computer and cell phone, as well as more information about your upcoming trainee period to ensure you are well prepared to begin the following week.

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Trainee period

As a trainee, you will have three trainee periods, each lasting 10 weeks. You will apply for the internships yourself on the basis of your interests, and we recommend that you try out different areas of operation. The trainee periods give you a chance to learn about ABB’s various operations, develop your personal network and find your future workplace.

The trainee periods will introduce you to the duties found at the workplace, and are meant to encourage you to seek more in-depth knowledge of the processes and corporate culture, for example.

Within a specific area of responsibility, you will solve concrete tasks and problems that are typical for the workplace. For example, you might contribute to business development, conduct a market survey, be responsible for a specific part of a development project, take part in the ongoing work involved with a delivery project or perform work at a tender department.

Study visits and seminars

Approximately one full day a week, you and your trainee group will go on a study visit to the various ABB business units in Ludvika or Västerås. You will obtain more in-depth insight, know-how and experience of our values, leadership, technology and business as you meet employees, leaders and managers from the entire organization face-to-face. 

During the trainee program’s first seven months, we also offer various courses and seminars to promote your personal development and to help you become even better equipped for your continued career at ABB. Some examples include Business Relations Versatility and International Communication Program (business presentations in English). Project management for development projects and basic business management training are offered thereafter.

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Coaching and personal development

You will receive coaching and support during the program from both the trainee supervisor and your managers during the various internships. You will receive feedback on what went well and what can be developed at the end of each trainee period. We teach you both to learn during your everyday situation and to reflect on events in your surroundings. You will also attend various courses and seminars to get to know yourself better (see above).

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Language training

Many people are interested in completing an international internship, but you will encounter and be trained in the global group at home as well. Language is an important and decisive aspect in terms of ABB’s success in the export market. For this reason, we offer financial support to help you learn another language more in depth during evening hours. This is in addition to the International Communication Program (business presentations in English), which is included in the trainee program.

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Trainee association

You and your fellow trainees will form a trainee association when you begin. The association will have a budget at its disposal and access to meeting premises. It is here that you will bond as a group and gain friends for a lifetime. For example, you will prepare meals together for lecture evenings held at the trainee meeting premises and go on customer visits both to the west coast and to Norrland.

Business unit placement

After seven months (31 weeks), you will begin your set placement at one of ABB’s business units in Ludvika or Västerås. You will be able to use your contact network from your trainee periods to find the best placement. The location of your set placement will be determined based both on your own wishes and where opportunities open up in the operations.

At the start of your set placement, you and your new manager will draft a development plan for your future career.  It is generally first at this point that more specific professional or technical training is introduced to your skills development. After your international internship (see below), you will return to this unit and continue your career. From a future perspective, you naturally have ABB’s entire global internal labor market at your disposal.

International internship, 3-6 months

You will complete an international internship for the business unit where you have your set placement. Together with your new manager, you will decide which international location is the most suitable for you to complete the internship, which will last at least 3 months. The international internship is meant to help you develop personally as well as benefit the company’s business operations. Over the past few years, the trainee groups have been distributed all over the world, and we are generally represented on all continents.

The international internships can vary a great deal. Some trainees stay at the same location for the entire time, while others work at several different locations during the period. Workplaces might be at a sales office, a manufacturing unit or at a site.

During the international internship, you will have the opportunity to solve concrete tasks and problems that are typical for the international company’s operations. You will obtain unique understanding for what it is like to work in an international environment as well as gain insight into different cultures and how they impact work and relationships. The international internship is also meant to promote cooperation between colleagues in our international group as well as provide you with more in-depth language skills.

As part of your own training, you will be personally responsible for preparing for your stay abroad, both professionally and practically. A seminar on the international internship including tips and advice will be held at the end of the trainee program’s first seven months. 

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Arriving back home after your international internship marks the end of your exciting trainee period, and you will receive a trainee diploma to certify your participation

The conclusion of the program means that your skills development will continue in consultation with your immediate manager. This might include internal development programs at ABB such as commercial project management, sales management, technical development or management training.

Other useful information

As a trainee, your employment relationship is permanent (conditional tenure), and you will receive a market-based salary from the first day of employment. You will also obtain assistance in finding an apartment to rent as well as receive reimbursement for the moving expenses associated with relocating to your trainee location, for example.

Our trainee supervisor is located in Västerås, and will be your supervisor during the first 7 months of your employment at ABB. The trainee supervisor will hold regular, individual discussions with you to promote your development and answer any questions you might have. The trainee supervisor is also responsible for implementing and ensuring the ongoing development of the trainee program, as well as managing all contacts in relation to the trainee program at ABB Sweden. 


Nathalie Fransson, Business Developer at Power Grids

"A typical week consists of four working days at the current internship, and ends with a trainee activity where we, for example, visits business units within ABB or customers. In the trainee group, we develop very strong bonds to each other, because we experience so much together.”

Axel Phlipson, Project Engineer at Power Grids

“To be a trainee means going to work and know that your day will for sure be different from the previous ones. You are constantly learning and challenging yourself during your assignments and always meet new inspiring people.”

Paulina Ho, Project Manager at Industrial Automation

“I choose the trainee program at ABB because of the chance to try different assignments and roles before deciding what I want to do in the future."

Joakim Lejkemo, Product Manager at Electrification Products

"I like to see the big picture no matter what it's about – and that's exactly what you get from ABB's trainee program. Right from the start, you get the opportunity to work in multiple locations. You are responsible to find your own internships and decide whether it should be connected to your education or step outside of your comfort zone."


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