Nordic Clean Energy Week

Arena – Green Mobility

Charging the future with e-mobility

Day: May 23
Time: 10:30 – 12:00
Place: Malmö Börshus

Arena – Green Mobility

This arena and conference will gather leading stakeholders on electro-mobility, charging and refuelling infrastructure, clean fuels and mobility as a service to discuss how national, regional and city policies can accelerate the transition to green mobility.


We see increased growth in the number of electric cars and buses in the next few years! What does the next generation's car and bus chargers looks like?

What requirements are imposed on the charging infrastructure?

Grid Intelligence

There is currently a revolution in the energy and power industry today!

What requirements and intelligence is needed to be integrated in the distribution grid to handle the challenge with rapid growth of renewables,
charging points and new customer behaviors for the coming years?

Panel discussions

ABB and other leading e-mobility stakeholders.

Panel discussions on future challenges regarding charging infrastructure and charging of electric vehicles.

Moderator: Erik Persson, ABB, Digital lead, Power Grids

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