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The Topics

The High Voltage Academy offers comprehensive educational coverage of the high voltage technology industry. The academy seminars will answer all of your questions and cover the full range of power product areas.

Product and system areas:

  • Power transformers above 100 kV, and above 100 MVA
  • Shunt reactors above 100 kV and above 20 Mvar
  • Transformer components:
    • AC bushings up to 1200 kV
    • DC bushings up to 1100 kV
    • Tap changers up to the highest rated power transformers
  • High voltage circuit breakers 72,5 - 800 kV
  • High voltage AIS surge arresters 52 - 800 kV
  • Power capacitors:
  • High voltage instrument transformers 72,5 - 800 kV
  • Flexible Alternative Current Transmission Systems (FACTS): SVC, Series Compensation (SC) and STATCOM
  • Substations
  • Grid automation products

Friday seminar:

  • Theme (2019): "Electrification of the energy, transport and industrial sectors"

Example of topics:

  • How do power products work and where in the grid are they located?
  • What is important to consider when specifying power products and systems?
  • How do you know that specified requirements for reliability, availability and quality are met?
  • How do you know that relevant standards and regulations are met?
  • How do you monitor and evaluate the condition of existing (old) equipment and, if needed, what can be done as preventive measures?
  • How will demands on power production and distribution change in the future and how will that affect your investments today?
  • What is expected around the corner regarding standards and regulations?