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ABB provides training to keep your teams competence up-to-date 

We offer training courses to help you build your teams competence, enhance safety, develop your staff’s troubleshooting skills, and maximize the availability of your drives.
In addition to hands-on courses at our training center in Rotterdam, some of our courses can also be conducted at your facilities.

Classroom training

In our classroom training you will learn about all aspects of drives and their operation and maintenance.

On-site training

Some of our courses can also be conducted at your facilities. Contact your local ABB representative for details or find information about local training services at the ABB University.

Popular courses
All courses

Robotics all courses

 Code Name                                                                                                     Duration (days)
 Rxxx Veilig werken met robots en robotapplicaties  1
  S4 basisprogrammeren RAPID  5
  S4 RAPID Programmeren voor gevorderden  3
  Upgraden naar IRC5  2
  IRC5 basisprogrameren RAPID  5
  IRC5 RAPID Programmeren voor gevorderden
  IRC5 System Integrators
  Robotstudio 6 Premium
  S4 Operator
  IRC5 Operator/IRC5P Operator
  S4C+ Elektrische Service  4
  IRC5 Elektrische Service  4
  IRC5P Elektrische Service  4
  Mechanische Service
  Flexpicker & Pickmaster 3  3
  Integrated Vision  2
  YUMI  2
  IRC5 Safemove  2
  Tailor Made trainingen  1-5
  On-Site trainingen  1-5

Karina Debot

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