ACS1000 training

ACS 1000 is an AC Medium Voltage drive for standard applications, rated from 315 to 5000 kW for motor voltages 2.3, 3.3 and 4.0 (4.16) kV. The drive has a three-level switching topology, with a Diode Front End. The output to the motor is sinusoidal, due to a sine filter on the output of the inverter. ACS 1000 is available in Air-cooled (315 to 2000 kW) and Water-cooled versions (2000 to 5000 kW). The Air-cooled version is available also with an integrated transformer.

The ACS 1000 training course provides the participants with the knowledge for the safe operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of ACS 1000.

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Customer trainings
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Learning Center Turgi, Switzerland
On-site at customer's premises
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