EPS Certification

IRC5 – 2 days – Course Code: US489

    The goal of this course is to certify the students on how to install and use ABB EPS hardware and software safely.

    Topics include:
    - Introduction EPS
    - Applications that can make use of EPS
    - Hardware
    - EPS wiring
    - Software installation
    - Setting up safety users
    - Setting up monitored Axis Range
    - EPS Wizard
    - Recovery from zone violations

    Course objectives: After successfully completing the course, the participant should be able to:
    - Explain the purpose for EPS
    - Identify EPS hardware components
    - Describe what makes EPS safe
    - Describe different methods of implementing EPS
    - Describe software installation requirements
    - Setup a Safety User and Safety User Group
    - Setup basic EPS system
    - Setup EPS safety zones
    - Identify and use all EPS wizard screen
    - Install EPS hardware
    - Load EPS software using RobotStudio Online
    - Recover from EPS faults

    Student profile:
    - This course is intended for those that have to be certified to install and create safety zones using EPS

    - Programming I for Material Handling (US420)
    - The attendee must have a good, working knowledge of Windows

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