Reconditioning service for drives

ABB’s Reconditioning service will improve your drive’s reliability, extend its lifetime, and minimize the cost of unexpected repairs. It includes a full inspection, thorough ultrasonic cleaning, individual component analysis, and replacement of aging components including IGBTs. Reconditioning in an ABB workshop goes beyond any on-site maintenance, ensuring the highest reliability for your drives. Every reconditioned drive is thoroughly tested and comes with a two-year warranty.

Benefits of reconditioning services

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  • All key components tested and replaced to ensure factory level quality
  • Allows to plan and execute the reconditioning in an ABB workshop, keeping on-site work and efforts to a minimum
  • Helps to save up to 80% in CO2 emissions as compared to a completely new drive replacement
  • Service costs are known upfront
  • Two year complete warranty

ABB reconditioning service delivery stages

1. Reconditioning decision

The performance of the drive needs to be updated during the next maintenance outage.

2. Check serial number

Locate the serial number to help quick drive identification.

3. Call your local ABB

ABB provides details of your nearest workshop.

4. Send aging drive to ABB

Once ABB receives your drive or module, drive will be placed in the nearest slot in the work queue.

5. Workshop reconditioning

ABB maintains your drive with genuine spare parts. Reconditioning includes a full inspection, thorough cleaning, and individual component analysis and replacement. Every reconditioned drive is thoroughly tested and comes with a two-year warranty. 

6. Reconditioned drive dispatched

After a full-load test, the reconditioned drive is packed and dispatched back to you.

7. The drive runs smoothly

Cleaned and load tested drive is successfully installed and commissioned.

8. ABB Service support

A detailed service report, including recommendations for future actions, is provided.

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