Extra Safety with ABB: Protect your life & your property

Electricity is one of the greatest conveniences in our daily lives but may pose the severe threat of electrocution and fire if the installation is not properly designed and taken care of.

To protect our lives and investments, understanding how residual current impacts our electrical system is important and how the protective devices are being design, operate, install and upkeep is equally important. That is why we invite you to join us at this seminar to learn more about ABB Extra Safety and how it protects your life and property.

Date: 22 March 2018


In this technical session, would like to share our generic knowledge on how the protective devices can be incorporate into common electrical system, how human being react to the current that passing through our body and what is the current that could cause the fire to ignite. At the end of the session, participant shall have some good knowledge on how to design the electrical circuit to protect live, property and comply with national standards.

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22 March 2018

Singapore Polytechnic
500 Dover Road
Singapore 139651
Lecture Theatre 12B

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12.00 pm

Lunch and registration
1.00 pm
Safety - Earth Fault/Leakage Protection by Ong Peck Seng

2.00 pm Sharing of critical clauses for human protection (SS97/SS480) by Raymond Koh 

3.00 pm RCD application design sharing by Raymond Koh 
3.30 pm Networking tea break

3.45 pm

Discrimination between 10mA and 30mA RCD by Christopher Chow
Live Demonstration on Tripping test, Nuisance Tripping conditions

4.45 pm  RCD for Singapore application reference to local code by Raymond Koh

5.15 pm




Mr Ong Peck Seng
AVP Marketing, Electrification Products Division, ABB Singapore

Background: He graduated with Diploma in Electrical Engineering (1981), Ad Dip in Power Electronic (1989) and Special Diploma in Energy Efficiency Study (2011). He is the Assistant Vice President of Marketing in Electrification Products Division. He has over 40 years of experience in Electrical Industry and specialized in Motor Control, VSD, Harmonics, EMC and LV Power Distribution.

Title: Safety - Earth Fault/Leakage Protection

Synopsis: To protect "Life" and "Property" are the two main reasons for proper earth protection in electrical system. With more and more electronics loads, electrical system are more complex nowadays. In this short session, we would like to share our knowledge - how and experiences in the earth leakage and earth fault protections, how to design a proper scheme for protection against electric shock and prevention of fire and yet reduce nuisance tripping, short life demonstration will be included.


Raymond Koh Chun Wee
Product Manager, Electrification Products Division, ABB Singapore

(Bachelor in Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Nanyang Technological University. Master Degree in Electrical Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore)

Background: More than 10 years in Electronics and Electrical Industry, specializing in Line Protection devices, final power distribution and Din-rail products

Title: Sharing of critical clauses for human protection (SS97/SS480)

Synopsis: The revision of SS 97 Part 1 and SS 480 Part 1 covers acceptance of international requirement as much as possible and where necessary deviations important to align with prevailing local code of practice and power supply network. This standard applies to residual current operated circuit-breakers with integral overcurrent protection functionally independent of, or functionally dependent on, line voltage for household and similar uses (hereafter referred to as RCBOs), for rated voltages not exceeding 440 V a.c. with rated frequencies of 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 50/60 Hz and rated currents not exceeding 125 A and rated short-circuit capacities not exceeding 25 000 A for operation at 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

Title: Conditions in which RCD trips unexpectedly and how they can be mitigated.

Synopsis: RCD application design sharing with Live Demonstration to RCD Nuisance tripping and Auto Reclosing unit. Latest information on RCD extracted from New Draft CP5 will be shared and discussed.


Christopher Chow
Product Marketing Manager, Electrification Products Division, ABB Singapore

(Bachelor in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University)
Background: More than 10 years in Electronics and Semiconductor Industry

Title: Discrimination between 10mA and 30mA RCD
Synopsis: Why 10mA? Is this next Extra safety critical for protection of life and property?

Live Demonstration to discrimination test between 10mA and 30mA RCD.


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