08:30 AM      Morning refreshment and registration

09:00 AM      Introduction of IEC 60947 by Brian Toh

                              Part 1 - General

                              Part 2 – Circuit Breakers

                              Part 4 - Contactors
                      Motor Starter configuration and coordination

09:30 AM      Optimization of Motor Starting by Roger Loh 
                      1. Important factors affecting motor starting
                      2. Types of motor starting

11:00 AM      Demo – Different Types of Motor Starting by Ong Peck Seng

11:00 AM      Motor protection principle by Roger Loh
                     1. Thermal Overload Relay
                     2. Motor Circuit Breaker – MMS, MF/MA

12:30 PM      Lunch

13:30 PM      Motor protection principle by Raymond Koh
                      1. MCB with D & K curve comparison
                      2. S700 series for full discrimination

14:30 PM       Low surge contactors and immune with voltage dip by Ong Peck Seng
                       1. AF contactor introduction and Demo
                       2. AF – Z contactor fully comply with SEMI F47 introduction and demo          

15:30 PM       Circuitry Studies by Ong Peck Seng
                       – DOL, S/D, A/T

16:00 PM       Multi-function Protection Relay by Jun Jun
                       - UMC

16:30 PM       Remote Energy monitoring by Christopher Chow
Eqmatic and Circuit Monitoring System

17:00 PM       Q&A to end session

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