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Renewable Solutions

Alternative sources of electrical energy are being harnessed around the world to face the challenges of the 21st century, but new sources of power require new levels of protection and control to ensure smooth integration with existing supplies.

Hydroelectric, solar, wind, and wave, comprise the best known renewables, but biomass, tidal and geothermal are all increasing their contribution to global supplies, and all alternatives present individual challenges to the protection and management of electrical systems.

Where electrical grids were designed around a handful of generating stations they are now being crisscrossed with energy sources, many of which are unable to guarantee a consistent supply thanks to the vagaries of the weather. 

Protection and management becomes more important as the grid becomes more complicated, and feeds from renewable sources increase the complexity hugely. ABB’s experience with just about all forms of energy generation enables us to help design, and implement, protection schemes tailored for the most-innovative of generating technologies.

ABB is proud to be helping companies all over the world create electricity from renewable, and sustainable, sources, and doing so without compromising on safety or manageability. ABB systems are protecting, and managing, numerous alternative energy power stations, keeping the electricity flowing from any, and every, available source.

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