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5 ways ABB has improved the user experience of PCM600 Protection and Control Manager Software

Improving efficiencies and enabling you to get the full potential from your protection and control devices

1. Configuring relay applications has never been easier
Seeing the whole IED application at a glance – including all protection, control and logic functions, and traceable signal flow from input to output – in one configuration drawing is a unique benefit that makes PCM600 stand out in terms of user experience. In addition, the online monitoring helps users to eliminate configuration errors and take advantage of faster application configuration.

2. Enjoy a clear overview of parameter settings
PCM600 ensures better usability and efficiency with the various filtering options and the rule-based parameter setting, which hides parameters if they are not needed or used by the protection functions. When working with complex and demanding parameter settings for distance protection functions, get a comprehensive and direct feedback to the chosen settings provided by the graphical representation of protection parameters.

3. Effortlessly compare IED and PCM600 configurations
Users can compare the complete IED configuration between different IED applications, both online and offline. This functionality helps to detect inconsistencies in hardware, configurations, parameter settings or communications.

4. Always benefit from the latest software version
PCM600 Update Manager ensures you have the latest software required when working with a broad range of ABB’s protection and control IEDs. It simplifies installation of IED specific connectivity packages, language add-ons and the latest PCM600 updates. The intuitive way of presenting available and recommended software, in combination with the one-click download and installation of all the selected software, provides superior efficiency for user.

5. IEC 61850 compliance for seamless data exchange and integration of ABB’s products into any IEC 61850 system
ABB is a forerunner in implementation of the IEC 61850 standard that ensures multivendor product and system interoperability. With PCM600 users can seamlessly integrate ABB’s Relion IEDs into any IEC 61850 system.


Beat Schuetz
Global Product Manager

I am the Global Product Manager responsible for Protection and Control IED Manager PCM600, the tool for the configuration and management of ABBs protection and control IED portfolio.

I have more than 17 years of experience in Substation Automation domain after working various positions in project execution, project management and product management.

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