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ABB distribution automation keeps the lights on and the power flowing

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When your house suddenly goes dark and silent in the middle of a storm, or when the elevator shudders to a stop, you have probably experienced an electrical fault. All you wish for is that it gets quickly restored and that the lights turn on as quickly as possible. Power outages can have different reasons like equipment failure, environmental conditions, or human error.

In power distribution networks, electrical faults can cause much more harm than a dark house or a stuck elevator. Fires, explosions, or electrical arcs that may severely damage critical electrical infrastructure and potentially shut down the entire system are possible consequences.

Detecting faults as well as the conditions that create them quickly and accurately ensures reliable and safe electricity supply. The best way to keep power outages and outage times to a minimum is with an automated fault management system that detects, isolates and even restores the grid automatically.

So if you had the option in your house to either go find a candle, light it, walk to the fuse box, find the fault and try the different fuses, or just count to ten and have the power restored automatically, which option would you choose?

In power networks, human intervention means finding out there is a fault, finding and dispatching a service person to try to physically locate and repair the fault. This puts the service person unnecessarily in harm’s way and is costly, not only in terms of time but also in terms of money.

ABB fault management applications with functions like fault detection, isolation and restoration give grid operators and -owners peace of mind, knowing that the fault is taken care of in the shortest time frame with a minimum of human interaction. A comfortable and economic solution. This way, outage times can be reduced by up to 81% and operational costs by up to 50%, because service personnel no longer have to spend time trying to trace and fix the problem, meaning less time spent on potentially dangerous tasks in the field and less electricity that goes undelivered.

By reducing both the duration and frequency of power interruptions, fault management improves utility performance on key reliability indices, such as the System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) and the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI), allowing for the quality of service grid operators and owners are committed to deliver to their own customers.

ABB is a reliable partner for scalable distribution automation, which feature high-end security functions, unrivaled service offering and international standard compliance – a package to make grids greener, safer and smarter.

Yasmine Voegele
Product Marketing Manager


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