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Benefit from a superior system configuration experience with ABB’s IET600 Integrated Engineering Tool

Why IET600 is a top choice to configure your IEC 61850-based substation automation systems

1. Proven, reliable and best in class conformity guarantees that you can take advantage of the latest features of IEC 61850 edition 2
If you need a substation automation system configuration tool that is fully compliant with IEC 61850 with regard to interoperability and system integration tasks, you can rely on IET600. In terms of workflow, engineering processes, performance, IEC 61850 conformity and usability, ABB’s UCA International Users Group accredited in-house System Verification & Validation Center has verified IET600 to meet the requirements for several years already – in addition, the real-world project experience from over five thousand IEC 61850 multi-vendor SA systems further validate this fact. The conformity is also acknowledged by UCA International Users Group which awarded the tool with a conformance testing certification, making IET600 the world’s first substation automation tool to receive independently-verified certification for its IEC 61850-compliant system configuration features. The conformance test were executed by DNVGL, an independent and UCAIug accredited IEC 61850 conformance test lab.

2. Easy usability and efficient engineering
When it comes to the usability, it makes no difference whether you are a newcomer or an expert – IET600’s self-explaining interface design makes system integration easy for all substation automation engineers. The user interface supports efficient engineering of power systems of all sizes, including large systems with several hundred IEDs. The tool doesn’t impose a strict engineering workflow – instead the user experience has been facilitated by allowing work in various parallel phases that can be united into one configuration at a later stage of the project.

3. Optimized navigation and filtering
You can enjoy fast navigation and filtering in order to find exactly what you need amongst large amounts of data, enabled by the tree structure based on IEC 61850 and IEC 81346. The naming concept ensures consistency and thus helps you to manage your working time more efficiently. Tasks are arranged in the “Main menu” tabs from left to right, the former referring to the early steps and the latter to the later steps of the engineering process. IET600 automatically selects a Navigation Tree and an Editor that are best suited to view and manage specific tasks.

4. Fast and complete substation documentation at your fingertips
Easily design the substation topology and manage the communication dataflow between all IEC 61850-compliant IEDs in the substation. You can directly access information on substation, communication or IEDs in their specific sections. All dataflow is documented in one IEC 61850-compliant and reusable SCD file, allowing data exchange with other IEC 61850 substation automation tools in multi-vendor systems.

5. One tool to configure system level integration and station level products
In addition to managing communication engineering of IEC 61850-based systems, with IET600 you can also configure station level products such as MicroSCADA Pro monitoring and control software. Through the configuration of alarm and event signals as well as protocol gateway (such as IEC870-5-101/104 or DNP3) for the MicroSCADA platform, IET600 ensures data consistency throughout the lifecycle of the substation automation system.

Michael Obrist
Global Product Manager

I am Product Manager for Software tools within Substation Automation. I’ve spent nearly 20 years at ABB working across R&D and Product Management within Substation Automation. I’m passionate about developing simple-to-understand software tools and technologies that help our customers see the unseen from a new perspective.

Stephan Gerspach
Lead Product Architect Systems & Tools

I am the Lead Product Architect Systems & Tools, responsible for the compliance of our Substation Automation product portfolio.

I have more than 18 years of experience in Substation Automation domain after working in various positions in project execution, product verification and validation, and system architecture. I’m an active member of UCAIug IEC 61850 Testing Subcommittee.

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