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IEC 61850-compliant Substation Automation systems and applications testing made easy with ITT600

Substation Automation (SA) systems are tested to validate correct system functionality which ensures there are no errors in communication or configuration. From the development and production of IEDs and the respective software configuration tools to the on-site system tests, various different test phases have to be passed. With the help of ABB’s ITT600 Integrated testing tool, engineers have an all-in-one solution to cover every IEC 61850 testing phase.

The IEC 61850 standard enables components from different vendors to be combined into one SA system using enhanced and distributed functionality, requiring complex interaction between the components. At the same time, the standard has enabled the simplification of the configuration, testing and maintenance activities thanks to the Substation Configuration description Language (SCL) that is used by tools in all phases of the life cycle.

With SCL, the IEC 61850 standard has introduced an interoperable and machine readable language that is used for the standardized exchange of configuration data between tools. Based on this configuration language, several file types have been defined in the standard. One of these files is the Substation/System Configuration Description (SCD) file which provides the complete documentation of the SA System as it is built.

The comprehensive SCD file is the central part of the system documentation and can be used as a standardized reference for testing activities related to IEC 61850. This allows for the comparison of data models, configuration version information and the dataflow of the actual IEDs against the information as engineered in the SCD file. As a result, configuration mismatches can be easily detected.

ITT600 –The complete IEC 61850 testing functionality combined into a single product

ABB’s ITT600 Integrated testing tool helps to simplify IEC 61850 diagnosis and application testing by translating IEC 61850 into Substation Automation terminology, ensuring reduced testing and commissioning time as well as allowing beginners and newcomers to work with the IEC 61850 by helping to reduce its perceived complexity.

After importing an SCD file, ITT600 can simulate one IED to test station level and distributed IED functionality using GOOSE and Manufacturing Messaging Specification (MMS) simulation. The tool also supports simulating clients to test IED functionality. This empowers faster project execution by removing dependencies between bay and station level engineering as well as pre-testing of individual components – such as IEDs and system level HMI – before they are connected.

Additionally, users are able to efficiently check and document system consistency. With just one click in the tool, they can compare and document all configuration relevant information.

To ease the handling of software updates and licensing for testing tools, it is most convenient if all of the different tool types for acceptance, commissioning and field testing are combined in a single software package. ITT600 eliminates the need for multiple testing tools. IEC 61850 client, IED simulation, Protocol analyzer, SCL model comparison, GOOSE and IEC 61850-9-2 visualization are all available in one software product with no individual licensing required – to guarantee the essential information is easily available to all users at all times

Michael Obrist
Global Product Manager

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