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MicroSCADA Pro Historian training

Uncover how to analyze and visualize primary process data

A two-day SYS600 Historian course - taking place either in Vaasa or at customer’s location anywhere in the world - educates sales force on the functionality of Historian, operators on how to use the software and technical engineers and administrators on how to build and admin the system – featuring, for example, how to create report and trend templates, build dash-board type displays, maintain tag and history databases and take backups.

Mr. Anders Brokvist
Mr. Anders Brokvist has nearly 20 years of experience in various roles across project execution, product support and training within ABB’s substation automation products. Today, he is responsible for global training and consultant services, and conducts for example the SYS600 Historian course.

In addition to the basics, the Historian course offers juicy tips on how to benefit from versatile functionality of Historian across the organization.

“With Historian, the operators who run the daily SCADA operations are easily able to configure trends and reports 'on-the-fly'. However, it’s less known that it is also quite easy to build dashboard-like displays”, Mr. Anders Brokvist, Product Specialist at ABB, says.

“The dashboards can be displayed on large screens in executive conference rooms, public areas or even customer service locations of a utility company. By combining real-time and historical data from the SCADA system with the Historian's ability to calculate and display data, you can really put your imagination to work when creating the dashboard displays”, he points out.

Mr. Anders Brokvist held the last Historian course in Brazil.
Mr. Anders Brokvist held the last Historian course in Brazil. “Participants had very good questions on specific functions and issues. This gave me useful ideas for what to include in the course for the future”, he says.

He yet adds that managers and supervisors can use Historian in order to quickly see what is happening or what has happened in their network. All they need to do is to log into the Historian server at their office and look at dashboards or download a pre-defined report.

Reserve your seat for the SYS600 Historian course

To explore how you can make better use of critical and accurate grid information, reserve your seat for the SYS600 Historian course. The next courses are arranged on June 15-16 and September 21-22.

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Anders Brokvist

Anders Brokvist
Product Specialist

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