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Organized data means better decision making

If you know your past you can improve your future

Collecting and organizing a river of data in a simple and meaningful way is the job of ABB’s MicroSCADA Pro Historian software, which tracks everything that happens in a power system and provides powerful tools for data analysis and trending.

It’s hard to visualize a river of data, but that is what power utilities and industries face as power systems move into the digital age. They must be ready to capture and analyze this data, because system information is now as important to a power system as transformers, cables and switches.

In its white paper, ‘Managing big data for smart grids and smart meters,’ IBM draws the data-volume problem this way: "Going from one meter reading a month to smart meter readings every 15 minutes works out to 96 million reads per day for every million meters. The result is a 3,000-fold increase in data that can be overwhelming if not properly managed."

The upside of a data river is the potential to make power systems much more efficient, and enable new services and products for customers - from forecasting demand to shaping usage patterns, preventing outages, optimizing unit commitment and more.

In order to function, however, data-enhanced power systems need collection, refinement and visualization software capable of handling large quantities of real time information generated by smart devices embedded in the network.

And that is what MicroSCADA Pro Historian does: provide accurate, up-to-the-minute views of primary processes, so decisions are based on facts, rather than “gut feelings.” Historian catches complete data streams for analysis, can store more data for much longer time periods, and has the capacity to spot changes in power system data immediately.

Event-based logging collects all data changes to ensure nothing is missed, while efficient compression also saves disk space. The data river can be refined into meaningful information in visualized formats comprising graphs, trends and numerical reports. This gives power system operators a clear view of the situation in primary processes, so they can make optimal use of their power and primary equipment.

Historian’s intuitive, visual format features customized templates, displays and drag and drop functionality that supports flexible, easy-to-understand reporting and trending. Operators can readily utilize the full palette of Historian functions, gathering and organizing data without having to engineer or order new displays from the vendor.

Historian also has the capacity to produce customized reports and statistics that can be interpreted across different company functions, such as customer service, system maintenance, business planning, or trouble shooting and diagnosis.

MicroSCADA Pro Historian is an easy and extremely fast extension of existing SCADA systems. In just a couple of days, Historian can be installed and configured and operators trained, putting ABB’s state-of-the-art solution for data management in utilities and industries at your fingertips.

Mikael Molander

Mikael Molander
Global Product Manager

I am the Global Product Manager responsible for system products within Network Automation and Substation Automation domains today covered by the MicroSCADA Pro product family.

I have more than 25 years of experience of automation of power systems after working across various R&D functions, global technology coordination and Product Management. My devotion is in understanding the users real needs and challenges and in developing solutions for these needs with superior user experience.

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