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It’s easy to work with IEC 61850 when you have the best engineering tools in the world

ABB substation automation tools simplify the understanding of IEC 61850, providing enhanced user experience and enable the implementation of vendor-neutral system engineering as required by the industry standard. Today, ABB is the first and only vendor in the world to provide substation automation engineers with the IEC 61850 edition 2 certified engineering tools.

IEC 61850 edition 2 distinguishes two different tool types; one is an IED configuration tool to engineer a product and the other is a system configuration tool to build a substation automation system. In ABB terms, the IED configuration tool is Protection and Control Manager PCM600 and the system configuration tool is Integrated Engineering Tool IET600. PCM600 allows the user to configure, test and commission the IEDs of the Relion® product family. IET600 enables the user to engineer complete IEC 61850-based systems featuring products from multiple vendors.

Launching the first edition 2 enabled SA tools

Edition 2 enables, for the first time in the history of IEC 61850, the opportunity for engineering tools to be conformance tested. This means that the interoperability, capability and performance of the tools can be officially verified by a 3rd party testing company. ABB’s PCM600 and IET600 are the first substation automation engineering tools in the world that have been awarded a IEC 61850 conformance test certificate.

ABB's bay and station level products, Relion protection and control IEDs and MicroSCADA Pro network control system, already conform with IEC 61850 edition 2.

Expertise you can rely on - pioneering over a decade of the IEC 61850-compliant systems

ABB has always been a pioneer in the development and implementation of IEC 61850. At it's inception in 2004, ABB was the first to build a multi-vendor substation automation system in Laufenburg, Switzerland. Since then, ABB has built over 5000 substation automation systems around the world, and today is fully competent to build edition 2 conformance systems.

The IEC 61850 engineering process in a nutshell
The IEC 61850 engineering process starts with an Instantiated IED Description (IID) file, generated by an IED configuration tool like PCM600. A substation automation system can feature multiple IEDs from different vendors, each generating their own IID file. As a result, there are numerous files that are imported to a system configuration tool, such as IET600. The system configuration tool then combines the files in order to build a horizontal GOOSE or vertical MMS IEC 61850 communication, and exports the data flow into an SCD file. The SCD file, containing a description of the complete dataflow of the substation automation system, can be imported back into different product tools which extract the information to configure the final product.

Michael Obrist
Global Product Manager

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