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The power of one solution for protection and control


Relion® 670/650/500 series IEDs belong to the Relion protection and control product family. This family offers the widest range of products for the protection, control, measurement and supervision of power systems. To ensure interoperable and future-proof solutions, Relion products have been designed to implement the core values of the IEC 61850 standard.

With ABB’s leading-edge technology, global application knowledge and experienced support network, you can be completely confident that your system performs reliably – in any situation.

Your benefits include:

  • Utilizing IEC 61850 Edition 2
  • Enables a safe, reliable and profitable grid
  • Robust security management
  • Ease-of-use built-in HMI
  • Enabling the digital substation

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ABB Ability enables the Digital Substation

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Our offering

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Product series
Product explorer
   650 2.2 icon REB500 icon  DRL6600U  SAM600
Application    670  650 500 6000 series SAM600 
Bay control    REC670 REC650      
Busbar protection      Distributed     REB500    
High impedance   REB650      
Centralized    REB670        
Circuit breaker protection   REQ650      
Capacitor bank protection    REC670        
Disturbance recording       DRL6600U   
Generator protection    REG670 REG650      
Merging units and field I/O          SAM600 
Overhead line/cable protection    Line differential protection    RED670 RED650   PSL 6603U   
Line distance protection   REL670 REL650   PSL 6602U  
Railway application    RER670        
Reactor protection    REG670        
Tap changer control    REC670        
RET670 RET650      
Transformer protection    RET670 RET650      
Wide area monitoring    RES670        

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