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RTXP - Test switches

RTXP 8, RTXP 18 and RTXP 24 test switches for fast and fail-safe testing of protection relays and other similar products.

A test switch may be used where testing relays or instruments would otherwise require manual disconnection and shorting of the instrument transformer’s secondary or control wiring. It may also well be used in the testing of complete relay systems, even when each individual relay has its own test switch. A test switch can also be used for other testing needs not directly associated with relays, such as for switchboards or voltmeters.

RTXP switches have light-beige housings and contain a number of contact units. One type for trip circuits designed to open first and close last when the test handle is inserted respectively removed. The other type is used for disconnection of all other circuit functions such as current, voltage and auxiliary power.

Test switch RTXP 8
RTXP 8 contains eight contacts and occupies one seat in the COMBIFLEX system with dimensions 2U and 6C.

Test switch RTXP 18
RTXP 18 contains a maximum of 18 contact units and occupies the space of two seats in the COMBIFLEX system with dimension of 4U and 6C.

Test switch RTXP 24
RTXP 24 consists of two housings, each housing with a maximum of 12 contact units. This test switch occupies the front space of 3U 12 C.

Main Features:

  • Together with the test leads, a trip-block plug, RTXB, and an ammeter test-plug, RTXM, the COMBITEST forms a complete system for the fast and safe testing of protection relays.
  • Complete isolation of secondary instrument transformer and other external circuits.
  • Fail-safe sequence for disconnection. 


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