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Integrated Engineering Tool IET600 Ver. 5.3 FP2

February 18, 2016

We are pleased to announce the release of IET600 Ver. 5.3.FP2. IET600 is allowing system engineers and integrators to define and configure the complete substation automation system according to IEC 61850 which in-turn ensures data consistency throughout the substations’ lifecycle.

Feature pack release IET600 Ver.5.3 FP2 (5.3.209, February 2016)
This release replaces the former IET600 5.3.x versions.

Fixes compared to IET Ver.5.3 FP1 (

New and enhanced features

  • This version of IET600 has been conformance tested by an independent UCA certified IEC 61850 conformance test laboratory.
  • In mixed IEC 61850 Ed.1/Ed.2 Systems, partial SCD files containing only IEC 61850 Ed.1 or Ed.2 IEDs can be exported.
  • IEC 61850 Log Control Block (LCB) configuration is available.

General fixes and improvements

  • Navigation Trees show icons consistent with IED role (missing IED role is indicated as question mark).
  • The last export/import path is now saved for different types of files.
  • Power transformer could not always be connected inside SLD.
  • Tool performance has been optimized when opening certain editors.

IEC 61850 related fixes and improvements

  • Trigger Option GI is now visible in RCB Editor.
  • IEC 61850 flags for Router and Clock will be set for an IED with a corresponding role.
  • Handling of IEDs with versions different than the project (or wrong versions according to IEC 61850) was improved, a user is warned on import and can take corrective action.
  • IEC 61850 consistency check includes check for missing OSI addresses (should be provided by IED, but is often missing).
  • Transformers are accepted on Station Level also, to be IEC 61850 compliant.
  • Several errors regarding Array handling in IEC 61850 corrected (Dataset Configuration).

MicroSCADA SYS600 related fixes and improvements

  • MicroSCADA HL and LD attributes are implemented as bit masks in HMI data editor.
  • COM500 Event Channel handling was incorrect when e.g. importing LOF files.
  • Translated signal texts are imported to the correct customer language instead of the current language.

For more information, please, read the attached release note.

Yours faithfully,


Michael Obrist
Global Product Manager
Grid Automation Products

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