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We are bridging the gap. Enabling the ABB digital substation.

What are the benefits of the digital substation?

Bridging the gap between analogue and digital technologies brings unseen opportunities for modern utilities.

ABB is synchronizing technologies for reliable power. Built on the international standard IEC 61850, ABB’s world-leading digital substations achieve new heights in reliability, interoperability and real-time performance. The digital substation can save lives, while bridging the gap between the equipment of the process bus level and the station level.

We protect investments while stepping up to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

ABB Ability enables the Digital Substation

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ABB Ability empowering the digital substation

Our experts are driving the innovation. We are ABB.

"Proud to be part of this important milestone"

"Already in 2011 ABB successfully put into operation the first commercial process bus installation, the so called digital substation. This was only the first of a series of six outdoor substations with process bus and NCIT technology. As a project manager I am really proud to be part of this important milestone in the world of substation automation."

- Ivo Naef, Project Manager Substation Automation Systems

"The leading supplier in the IEC 61850 standard"

"Since 2004, ABB has been acting as the leading supplier in the IEC 61850 standard. The digitalization of process (level) data is the natural next step to take. The ABB digital substation is bridging the gap between analogue and digital, enabling a safer work environment and reduced maintenance costs."

- Stefan Meier, Product Manager Digital Substation

"The complete portfolio needed for a digital substation"

"ABB offers the complete portfolio needed for a digital substation, starting from process level with non-conventional-instrument-transformers to bay level and station level. At that stage I would particularly like to mention the SAM600, stand-alone merging units which is the enabler of a digital substation."

- Thomas Werner, Product Manager for SAM600 merging unit

"The creation of a much safer working environment"

"Digital substation technology creates a much safer working environment. As data is digitized already out in the switchyard, the digital substation helps utilities to protect their most valuable asset, banning all dangerous voltages from the protection and control cubicles. Not only is the operator safer, also the investment is secured, as the digital substation is based on a standardized technology. This enables interoperability but also future extensions of substation automation systems."

- Peter Hansen, Vice president of Substation Automation Systems

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