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TOSA electrical bus charging infrastructure

ABB offers complete charging solutions based on its innovative flash-charging technology that is ideally suited for catenary-free high-capacity electrical buses (e-buses) or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), ensuring sustainable mobility in cities.

The flash-charging technology and on-board traction equipment have been developed for high-frequency bus routes in key urban areas that carry large numbers of passengers at peak times.

ABB takes care of the design, engineering, construction and commissioning of the complete electrical bus charging infrastructure along the route, at terminuses and depots.  ABB also provides the onboard drivetrain solution including the Energy Transfer System (ETS) that connects the e-bus to the wayside infrastructure and is a key component of the TOSA e-bus.

ABB offers a full range of flash-charging as well as terminus and depot feeding stations:

  • Flash-charging stations at selected bus stops, provide a short high-power boost charge while passengers are getting on and off the bus
  • Terminus feeding stations deliver longer charges during the waiting times at the bus terminuses to fully top up the batteries
  • Depot feeding stations deliver a longer, lower-power charge to compensate the energy required between the operating line and depot location. 

The e-bus charging infrastructure offering is complemented by network management systems, bus route system studies - to ensure optimal deployment of infrastructure and dimensioning of e-bus components -, dynamic power supply simulations based on powerful software tools; as well as service and maintenance contracts. 

By choosing ABB as a system provider, the customer gains a competent, reliable and committed partner for the overall electrical system and a predictable and cost-efficient solution for sustainable mobility. With a turnkey system, our project team acts as a single source of responsibility, which minimizes risk and reduces project complexity.

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